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If you’re looking for an imaginative and experienced fashion designer with a true understanding of your business needs , then look no further. I am highly skilled freelance fashion designer based in Manchester with up to 10 years’ experience. I have a degree in Fashion design and I can provide research, design & technical design services for a broad range of clients throughout Manchester, London, and Leicester and beyond no matter how big or small your business.



Your Brief. My Expertise.

What i Do


Future & current

A strong brand image and identity is essential for all organisations, from start-ups to established corporations. My design service can also cover researching into current and future trends that reflect your brand identity and target customer. This includes shops reports, using trend forecasting websites such as WGSN and alternative social media such as Pinterest & Instagram. With this research I can create mood/concept boards for your brand or if you are a supplier to present to your clients.


Identity is key

10 Years of experience has taught me to take a brief and run with it. It’s what makes me so effective in helping you, my clients, to achieve your design objectives and build business. As a fashion design consultant based in Manchester, my expertise lies in understanding what my clients need and creating effective designs to convey your products, key messages and brand. But it’s about much more than coming up with designs that look good. It’s about supporting your wider business objectives, whether that’s sales or helping your brand appeal to a particular type of customer. If you already have rough sketch designs and just need these as CADs, this is also an option.

Tech Packs

Ready for Production

Once your designs are complete it is now time for the most exciting part, getting your clothes made. Using computer aided design I can create technical specifications that are needed to send to factories for production. This includes cad designs, black/white & colour, front and back. Information on how garment is constructed, fabric composition & Pantone colours. There is an additional option for full graded size specifications also created in Excel. Unfortunately I don’t make clothes or patterns but can assure you the tech packs i provide will be enough information for factories to translate into patterns and finished product.


The stages

How i Work

Step 1: Discuss your needs

This is a good opportunity to learn more about your brand or who you are supplying to . An Email is sufficient.

-I will need to know or see the identity of your brand to get an idea of your style.

-What season you need designing for.

-What are your products ?Is it men , womens or childrens? Is it multi product or a specialist product?

-How much is in your collection?

-When do you need it by?

Step 2: Send you a Invoice

Based on the information you have given me i will calculate how much time it will take to complete with my hourly rate and send you an invoice .

Please note full payment is needed to start the project . Unfortunately i dont accept deposits.

Step 3: start researching

The Research stage is the most important part of the process. This will often involve researching into current & future trends relevant to your brand . It could mean using trend forecasting websites to find out future trends and carrying out shop reports , taking photos or sample buying .

I might then need to reserarch further into a particular trend for your collection either yourself or i have chosen . I would use internet research & if  necessary create moodboards . This is particularly important if you intend to present to a client .

Step 4: Designing

This is where it gets exciting . We are now ready to design! From the research i have just gathered , i can now start to design your collection . All designs are CAD (computer aided design) meaning they are created on a proffesional design software called adobe illustrator . This is so your designs can be presented as accurate and detailed as possible for factories & clients to understand.

Cads are created in both black/white & colour for you to  check for approval before moving onto the next stage .

Step 5: Getting ready for production

So now you have seen the designs and  are happy with them,  Lets bring these designs to life!

Before sending your designs off to the factory to be made , each design needs a tech pack & Size Specs . A tech pack is pages of information with your design describing in detail the construction of the garment , fabric , pantone colours & any supportive photos or graphics. Size Specifications/grading is also needed for costing . This will be full graded spec in excel of all of your measurements for each garment.

Step 6: Launch your collection

Once the tech packs are complete you can now send to a factory of your choice . Unfortunately i am unable to create samples for you or get involve in any part of the production but am happy to introduce you to any contacts i have .

Unlike some other freelance designers i also have contacts of web designers , photographers , models , make up artists  & photography studios . This is especially helpful for start up businesses.

Don't Take My Word For It

What Customers Say

I found Adele a Great Designer , always working well with the Briefs from the customer . She was able to go to meetings by Herself , and worked closely with all the Buyers , and get good results .

Gary Isaacs- Sales Manager at New Girl

Adele is a great Girlswear Designer, I have worked with her over a year, she is very responsible and dedicated person. Moreover she has a great personality to work with, Her positive attitude makes her a great team worker. I would recommend Adele anytime

Berna Arslan- Senior Merchandiser at LDN Fashion

I’ve known Adele since 2011-2012 at new girl. Very hardworking and dedicated. Excellent with trend research and creating developments for factories. In general a very kind, calm person who works under pressure x

Nasrin M Saiyed- Womenswear designer at Boohoo

"Adele impressed me very much with her willingness to contribute to the team and her work ethic was very strong, she put in extra time in the office to assist in meeting deadlines and made a huge effort to help us achieve our goals. Adele was also very keen to learn new things and develop during the time she worked with me and given the opportunity I would work with Adele again."

Charlie Heath-Head of design at Chunk Clothing

"I am so happy with the cads & tech packs Adele has provided us . Its exactly what we wanted. We look forward to continue to work with her."

Georgia- CEO at Chunk Sisters & Seekers

"Adele has been a massive help in completing our menswear collection & would happily use her again in the future."

Mani - Former head of Design at Evisu

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