Starting a fashion brand can be very daunting & there are so many aspects of your business you need to consider. Before you even think about approaching a factory you will need a Tech Pack . So what is a Tech Pack you ask & do i really need one?

what is a Tech Pack?

A Tech Pack is vital information your factory needs in order to get your garment made. You could say its an instruction manual with the exact steps & materials required to make your product.

What goes into a Tech Pack?

A tech Pack can be pages of information or just a couple of pages depending on the complexity of your garment . It normally includes Colour cad design on the first page , second page will have a black & white cad front & back with detailed information on how the garment is constructed . It is also important to include pantone colour with code & fabric composition with any trim information.

The more visual information you can provide , the better as the tech pack may be sent overseas where english is not their first language so needs to be very clear. I would normally add photos as reference to the designs.

Finally you can add branded label and/or swing tag to your tech pack. Every garment is to have a back label with your branded logo and size so this artwork will need to be added with size measurements.

What is the goal of the Tech Pack?

With a complete tech pack, the factory should be able to make your entire garment perfectly without having to ask any questions. The goal is to minimize the number of samples, decrease costs and speed up production time. It also serves as a master document to track production development  including comments, revisions and changes made.

You can request to see an example of one of my Tech Packs by emailing me at


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